Our interaction with the community is at the very heart of our quality of life. And what better represents community interaction than our neighborhood coffee shops? In this intimate new photojournal, local artist and photographer Scott Kennedy takes us on a tour of some of Seattle's most beloved local cafes, and reveals why they are becoming increasingly important to the health of our community.

With over 35 full color glossy photos, Shot Spots covers all major neighborhoods of Seattle, and contains a handy index and map of the coffee shops featured.

The book is printed on recycled paper, and proceeds are split evenly between the neighborhood shops where the book is sold, and the fund for future neighborhood projects.

If you would like to order additional copies of Shot Spots, or if you would like your independent coffee shop to be featured in the upcoming editions of this book, please contact the author directly at the email address below.

email: "Scott (at) BitStar (dot) com".